Montag, 16. September 2013

Die "Hybris" einer Syrien-Intervention

Aus einem interessanten Blog-Eintrag des US-amerikanischen Professors Juan Cole:
Since April 1, 4,000 people have died in political violence in Iraq. That is over a decade since the great Neocon Jihad against Saddam. It is not clear that the Syrian death toll at this moment is greater on a monthly basis than the Iraq shaped by the tender ministrations of Washington.
It is human nature to think, when we see an ongoing great slaughter, that something must be done. But because of the ease of availability of high explosives and other weapons and the breakdown of social consensus, there is little the outside world could hope to do. Arming the rebels, as Obama has pledged to do, will not, let us say, reduce the death rate.
But if the US couldn’t stop a civil war and a growing guerrilla war in Iraq while actually running the place, it can’t likely do anything about Syria. It is a sad fact of 21st century life.

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