Dienstag, 8. Dezember 2009

Leben in Peshawar - Bewohner berichten über den Alltag in der gefährlichen Stadt

Auch gestern wurde Peshawar von einem Bombenattentat getroffen. Mindestens zehn Menschen starben. Für die Bewohner ist der psychische Druck enorm. Die ständige Angst Opfer eines Anschlags zu werden, oder dabei Freunde und Verwandte zu verlieren, lässt die Menschen kaum mehr aus dem Haus gehen. Mehrere hundert Tote gab es in den vergangenen Wochen in der Stadt, die zum Brennpunkt des Konflikts zwischen Regierung und Taliban geworden ist.

Zwei Bewohner Peshawars sprachen mit der BBC über ihr tägliches Leben:


People who have been living here for the past century are not leaving. But those who are financially strong enough are migrating from here. I am staying because I have to. I am unmarried and I depend on my brothers. I worry about the violence. Once, on a Friday, I was walking to the bus stop on my own. I heard the noise of a blast and that sound was terrible. I almost fell down and I was scared. I went home and I asked my brother to accompany me to the bus stop. While we were waiting for the bus, we heard news that there was another blast so we had to go back home. Now, I avoid going out. We cannot plan to visit our relatives because there are so many uncertainties all around us. I do not know how it will all end.


We have all changed our way of life in Peshawar. Everyone is trying to avoid going to the bazaars. If any of my family go out, they will inform us whether they are safe and after every blast, we will inform our relatives that we are OK. It is a risky type of life here in Peshawar. I have witnessed many blasts. I have often been there a few minutes after the blast, just to help the people, to pick them up and carry them to hospital. Once, I was studying in my room at about midday. I heard a huge blast. I went to the spot and the military had cornered off the whole area. I looked around and there were many casualties there. After that, I went to the hospital to donate blood. Everybody knows that there are no certainties that you will be safe. Once when I was sleeping there was a blast near my house at about 0630. The blast opened my windows and doors. I do not sleep well now. We cannot leave - I am studying here. Business - and everything here - is related to Peshawar. Every person living in Peshawar is psychologically in depression.

Auch die Arbeit für Journalisten wird durch die tägliche Bedrohung immer schwieriger:

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