Donnerstag, 22. Oktober 2009

Neuer Bericht zum Gazakrieg: Auszüge

Das "Palestinian Centre for Human Rights" hat heute einen eigenen Bericht mit dem Titel "Targeted Civilians" vorgestellt. Einige Auszüge:
According to PCHR’s documentation, 1,419 Palestinians were killed in the offensive. This number includes 1,167 noncombatants (82.2%) and 252 resistance activists (17.8%). The non-combatants include civilian persons and civil police officers who were not involved in hostilities.

For the 11th consecutive day, IOF continued to violate fundamental principles of IHL [International Human Law]. Continuing the series of horrible crimes against innocent civilians, IOF tanks stationed to the east of Jabalya fired 4 shells at Jabalya refugee camp, one of which fell in the vicinity of al-Fakhoura school which had been turned into a shelter for the families who left their houses in Beit Lahia.

UNRWA’s food distribution – the single largest food program in the Gaza Strip – was completely stopped twice during the offensive, for periods lasting four days. UNRWA sources said that the main reason behind this was the targeting of its staff, the closure of Gaza’s borders, and the obstruction or strict rationing of food aid.

 Vor allem kommen auch die Bewohner Gazas zu Wort:
"I live with my husband, sons, step son and his wife in a 150-square-meter house. At approximately 17:30 on Saturday, 3 January 2009, while we were at home, we heard a heavy explosion near us due to which my daughter Fida,’ 18, was wounded to the leg. We tried to escape when a shell fell on us due to which my daughter Malak, 18 months, was wounded while my son Ibrahim, 12, was killed by shrapnel to the head and and neck. I thought that my daughter Fida’ was dead. My daughter-in-law Eman was wounded in the leg. I wrapped Ibrahim and Fida’ with a blanket and headed towards our neighbor’s house where I laid both of them down. I asked about my husband who was wounded. My daughter Sana’ was well, but my other daughter Yasmin was lightly wounded to the back. Fida’ died. Soon after, Israeli aircrafts opened fire at us. Our neighbor Mohammed al-’Atawna was trying to call an ambulance to evacuate the wounded and dead. Later, Israeli military vehicles and tanks opened fire at us. This situation continued for five days. On Sunday, 4 January 2009, my daughter-in-law died. On Wednesday, 7 January, Israeli military bulldozers demolished our house with bodies inside."
Den gesamten Bericht gibt es hier. Es handelt sich zwar um eine palästinensische NGO, aber die Methodik und die Qualität kann sich duchaus mit dem Goldstone-Bericht messen. Im Gegensatz zu diesem, werden aber hier die Attacken der Hamas auf Zivilisten im Vorfeld nur kurz erwähnt. Doch ändert das nichts an den Tatsachen der israelischen Kriegsführung...

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