Dienstag, 3. September 2013

Artikel zur Demokratisierung Syriens: The Baby and the Baath Water

Lesenswerter Artikel aus dem BBC-Blog: "Adam Curtis_The Medium and the Message" zu vergangenen Versuchen der Intervention und des regime change in Syrien:

Between 1947 and 1949 an odd group of idealists and hard realists in the American government set out to intervene in Syria. Their aim was to liberate the Syrian people from a corrupt autocratic elite - and allow true democracy to flourish. They did this because they were convinced that "the Syrian people are naturally democratic" and that all that was neccessary was to get rid of the elites - and a new world of "peace and progress" would inevitably emerge.

What resulted was a disaster, and the consequences of that disaster then led, through a weird series of bloody twists and turns, to the rise to power of the Assad family and the widescale repression in Syria today.

I thought I would tell that story.
Historische Ereignisse lassen sich nicht einfach auf das Heute übertragen und liefern keine abschließenden Argumente für aktuelle Herausforderungen. Darüber nachdenken ist jedoch keinesfalls verkehrt.

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