Donnerstag, 22. April 2010

Kenianische Kämpfer der SLDF legen Waffen nieder

Sieben Kämpfer der Sabaot Land Defence Force (SLDF), inklusive eines hochrangingen Kommandeurs, haben am Dienstag nach drei Jahren im Exil in Uganda ihre Waffen niedergelegt. Sie sollen für den Tod von mehr als 800 Menschen verantwortlich sein. Die Niederlegung folgt einem Amnestieangebot der kenianischen Regierung. Der Konflikt brach 2005 und flammt seitdem immer wieder auf. Ein großes Problem ist vor allem die massive Verbreitung von Waffen.

Human Right´s Watch (HRW) schrieb schon 2008:
The rebel Sabaot Land Defence Force and the Kenyan military are responsible for horrific abuses, including killings, torture and rape of civilians, in a little-known armed conflict in the Mt. Elgon area of western Kenya.

“The Sabaot Land Defence Force has committed hideous crimes and people welcomed the army at first. But now Kenyan soldiers are abusing those they are supposed to protect.”
One man described what happened to him:
“I was woken up by a knocking at the door. I opened it and there were guns and torches staring at me. They rounded up my cows, beat me and stabbed me as we walked. When we reached the bush they tied me by my feet to a tree, my head hanging down. There were others hanging also. They beat me very badly and said, ‘Choose: Either surrender all your possessions including your land or you die now.’ I told them to take it. They cut off my ear as a mark, then they made me eat it. I crawled home, I could not walk.”

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